Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentines Day

It's interesting, to say the least. The residents mostly aren't aware that it's valentines day and some aren't too sure of what exactly a valentine is. I was about half the floor's valentine because young guys are in high demand, apparently. The day was uneventful aside from the fact that numerous patients had family there and in general, created a massive headache for the transport staff (aka just me).

I was the only  transport assistant working tonight. It was challenging but I managed. The nurses were also in short staff, too. Only one was in the entire floor. LPNs and CNAs were in short order too. There was a total of 7 people working tonight. Seven people to about 60 people (including the family members). It's a lot to manage.

The nurses were asking me if I was considering becoming a CNA again. I'm thinking about it - the pay is nice.


  1. Good tip, but the way I win employers over is with my cover letter. My resume pretty much speaks for itself, since I was managing a cell phone store at the age of 18... they don't need to know i just sat around drinking though.