Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tomato Juice

The only main gripe I have about today is that after spending a goof twenty minutes trying to please a resident, I end up with tomato juice dropped all over my scrubs and my sneakers. It's annoying, I'm almost positive she dropped it on purpose, too. Oh well. The residents daughter called, she decided to tell her daughter "some idiot nurse boy dropped tomato juice all over me." Then a pause, "no he went to clean it up. He isn't back yet."

I quickly followed up with, "sorry about that. Thankfully the juice didn't get on you, have a nice night," and walked out. On the plus side I did get to learn how to perform an anterior cervical fusion from a former surgeon tonight because he asked what surgery I missed. He probably thought the tomato juice was blood. God I love my job.