Friday, March 4, 2011

So it's been...

... another long time since I've updated. 

Not much has changed aside from numerous residents going home or 'going home.' Two gentlemen that I made a habit of talking to left two days ago and I was not able to say bye due to unforeseen circumstances in my work schedule. I've been feeding more, it's starting to get easier but a lot of the residents refuse to eat. It's frustrating but it's a job. 

A few of the aides are lazy as all hell and attempt to make me do all of their work. I do as much as I am legally allowed to do, nothing more. It's sad that there are some people who take advantage of hard workers. 


  1. That's true, but that kind of situations exist all over the places.

  2. thats the supervisors fault. Plus everyone knows you will probably pick up the slack.